CNT Press Mentions March 2012

Inside a Chicago Green Building Success Story Fortune Magazine March 22, 2012
Aspiring to Be the Second (or Third) Best? NRDC Switchboard Blog March 21, 2012
Demolition of Claiborne Avenue Elevated Expressway to be Discussed March 21, 2012
Nashvillians Pay Almost 30% of Income in Transit Costs The Tennessean March 18, 2012
Shifting View of Car Ownership Driving Younger Users to Car Sharing GRID Chicago March 16, 2012
Housing and Transportation Affordability (HTA) Index Manhattan Strategy Group March 15, 2012
Mitsubishi Ships First Fleet EVs to Google and IGO Car-Sharing Service AutoBlogGreen March 15, 2012
In Houston, Transportation Costs Can Outpace Housing Costs Transportation Nation March 15, 2012
Save Some Green by Living in Oak Park Oak Park March 15, 2012
Here are Some Reasons to get People to Shift from Cars to Transit Cap’n Transit Blog March 14, 2012
Why “Pain at the Pump” is About More than Gas Prices Equinox Center March 14, 2012
What is the Entire Cost of Living for Your Location? KUHF Houston Public Radio March 12, 2012
My Love Affair with Daylight Savings Time: Commuting without the Car Nerdy Planner Blog March 12, 2012
Study Calls Sonoma County one of Bay Areas Least Affordable Areas The Press Democrat March 11, 2012
Study Confirms Taking Public Transit Saves, Big Time DFW REimagined March 10, 2012
Time for Real Solutions to Vancouver’s Housing Affordability Crisis New Geography March 9, 2012
Livibility Solutions Receives EPA Grant Better! Cities and Towns March 8, 2012
Factor in Transportation and ‘Burbs not as Affordable Washington DC WTOP March 8, 2012
Suburban Life Not Really Cheaper than City Living The Washington Examiner March 8, 2012
An Article About Housing and Transportation Costs Bike Commuters March 7, 2012
Money for Nothing: Study Confirms Taking Public Transit Saves, Big Time Next American City March 7, 2012
America’s Biggest (And Least) Gas Guzzling Cities Tweet for Pips Blog March 7, 2012
Mitsubishi Motors Delivers First 2012 Mitsubishi i EV Vehicle Orders to Google and IGO Car March 6, 2012
Prospering in Place: Linking Jobs, Development, and Transit to Spur Chicago’s Economy Smart Growth Online March 6, 2012
Rockefeller Foundation Backs City’s Push for Bus Rapid Transit Chicago Tribune March 6, 2012
CNT Study Highlights Economic Benefits of Transit Access Mobilizing the Region Blog March 6, 2012
Wider View of Affordability Needed Auckland Transport Blog March 6, 2012
Survey: More Income Used in Transportation Costs 10 News San Diego March 5, 2012
Are the Burbs the Best Option? Money Mondays BlackAmerica Web March 5, 2012
You Just Spent a Gallon of Gas to get a Gallon of Milk A World of Words Blog March 5, 2012
As the Economy Grows and Adds Jobs, Americans Keep Driving Less DC StreetsBlog March 5, 2012
Why City Living Actually Costs Less CEOs for Cities March 2, 2012
Housing+Transportation Index Finds Drop in Housing Affordability Since 2000 Partnership for Strong Communities March 2, 2012
Modern Public Transportation Comes to the 6th Ward Chicago Now March 2, 2012
Center Says Portland Transportation Costs About Average The Portland Tribune March 1, 2012
An Interactive Database of Location-Specific Costs Demonstrates Its Value Planetizen March 1, 2012
New Research: Affordability of American Communities has Declined Since 2000 The City Fix Marc 1, 2012
Higher Gas Prices: Downtown Boston’s Secret Weapon? Curbed March 1, 2012
Shifting View of Car Ownership Driving Youngsters to Car Sharing Northwestern Medill Reports Chicago March 1, 2012

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